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Fabrication from basic metallic conductor, and/or further processing on supplied materials, e.g., insulated conductor, cabled conductors, and jacketed cables
Metals Plastics Tapes
  CU Copper
   AL Aluminum
T/Cu Tinned Copper
 PVC Polyvinyl Chloride
   PE Polyethylene
   PU Polyurethane
 TPR Rubber-like elastomers
 AMT Aluminum Mylar Tape
 CMT Clear Mylar Tape
   CU Copper Tape
Component Size Material
  28 AWG to 4/0 AWG
(Solid or Stranded)
Thermocouple, Cu
T/Cu, Ferrous, SS
 Extruded Insulation
  24 AWG to 4/0 AWG TPR, PVC, PE, PU
 Rewind, Spark Test, Code
      Striping up to .250" O.D.  
      Numbering up to 1.5" O.D. Applicable Ink
      Number/Letter Legend     up to 1.5" O.D.  
      2,3, & 4 conductor up to .500" O.D. Binder Optional
Organic & Metal
(up to 30 AWG)
      Taping up to .500" O.D.
      Serving up to .500" O.D.
      16/C up to .425" Organic
Nylon: Kevlar
Metal (38-30) AWG
      24/C up to 1.050"
      Serving up to 1.050"
      Planetary to 61/c - 1.50" O.D.  
      Rigid to 200/c - 1.50" O.D.  
      Serving to 1.50" O.D. Organic, Metal
      Taping to 1.50" O.D. Organic, Metal
      Messenger .050 - 1.00  
 Extruded Jacket
  to .950" Core (Max. Wall - .125") PVC, PE, TPR, PU
 Shipping Reels
  up to 30" Plywood
  up to 60" Wood
 Shipping Weight
  up to 1500 lbs. per reel.  

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